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Rebuttal of "Fact" 4

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4. The McCanns said the children were in their pyjamas by 6.30pm the night Madeleine disappeared, were bathed at 7.00pm and asleep by 7.30pm. But just a few weeks later, in his blog, Gerry McCann wrote: “The twins must like their new cots as they were asleep by 7.30pm which was most unusual”.


Verdict - Misquoted but also Irrelevant.  The comment has been misquoted, taken out of context and does not reflect Gerry's interim blog posts where Gerry McCann describes the twins' altered routine and later bedtime.

Source- Gerry McCann's blog.





The following is what Gerry McCann actually said within its proper context.  This is a primary source taken from Gerry McCann's blog. 



Summary of Verifiable Facts


  1. On 20th May (Day 17), Gerry posted that the twins now established routine was to be put to bed at 20:00.
  2. On 28th May (Day 26), Gerry posted that the twins were going to sleep in their new beds for the first time.
  3. On 29th May (Day 26), Gerry posted that the babysitters had reported that the twins had been tucked up by 19:30 implying that since they had settled down in NEW beds half an hour earlier than their now established routine, that they must like their beds.


Blog Extracts with relevant portions highlighted in red


Day 17 - 20/05/2007
9.00-9.15 We take S*** and A***** to Kids’ Club. They really enjoy it and run in.
They know the staff well and the staff are all excellent. Both love the domestic corner and A***** particularly likes to look after ‘babies’. We use the kids club a bit like nursery at home but we think S*** and A***** still think they are on holiday!

9.30~12.15. We return to the apartments, usually for a series of meetings with our press officer, Mark Warner Reps, occasionally Consulate staff, lawyers and British Liaison officers. During this time we catch up with family and close friends, usually by telephone and discuss ideas how to keep Madeleine’s profile high especially throughout continental Europe. 

12.30 Time to pick up S*** and A***** from Kids’ club then head back to apartment for lunch, which has usually been prepared by one of our family/friends group who have been tremendously supportive.

13.30 –14.30 This is time to spend time playing with the twins either in the apartment or in the play area next to kids club.

14.30-15.00 Usually we take the twins back to Kids’ Club although S*** has had the odd afternoon in the apartment as it’s a bit cooler and he’s not much of a sun worshipper! They have been taking part in many different activities including painting, singing, stories, swimming, trips to the beach and they have lots of toys to play with.

15.00~17.00 We try to get some time together alone, going for a walk to talk things over or getting some exercise. This is often the time for quiet trips to the church for prayers. 

Pasta & Vegetables.

17.00-17.30 Meet kids for high tea with other mums and dads. They love pasta and have been doing really well with their vegetables although a few chips have been squeezed in.

17.30-18.30. Games with kids at play area. A***** loves trying to get in the baby pool!

18.30-19.30 Bath and story time with the twins.

20.00 We put the kids to bed.


20.30-23.00 We try to sit down for a family meal, again usually cooked by one of the small family group out here with us. Chat about the day’s events and plan the next day

23.30 bed and prayer for Madeleine that she will be returned to us safely.


Day 25 - 28/05/2007 - Monday.
We have decided that for the majority of trips it will not be practicable, or fair, to take S*** and A***** with us. They have an established routine which we do not want to disrupt and will be looked after by very close family. Tonight for the first time they have gone to sleep in their own single beds, rather than cots, now that another two of our family have gone home. We were planning to turn their cots at home into beds after our 1 week holiday but obviously this has been delayed with Madeleine’s abduction. We have been in Praia da Luz for over 4 weeks and S*** and A*****’s development from toddlers to little boy and girl continues. Madeleine will really notice the difference when she sees them!

Day 26 - 29/05/2007 - Tuesday.
It has been very difficult to leave S*** and A***** but it is only for one nght and we will be back to see them before bedtime tomorrow. Trish and Sandy (Madeleine’s Godparents) who have been with us in Portugal since Day 2 are looking after them and we were surprised to hear they were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm- they must like their new beds!

Compare Erroneous MMRG Quote with Actual Statement 


The following is to demonstrate the level of inaccuracy which is found in many of the quotations of the Madeleine McCann Research Group (MMRG):-


MMRG quote - “The twins must like their new cots as they were asleep by 7.30pm which was most unusual”.

What was actually said – “Trish and Sandy (Madeleine’s Godparents) who have been with us in Portugal since Day 2 are looking after them and we were surprised to hear they were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm- they must like their new beds!“




This particular "fact" is not only based upon a misquote which has also been taken out of context, but it is also irrelevant for the following reasons:


  1. Each day brings different circumstances that influence in one way or another a child's sleeping habits for that night.  Also, weekend routines may differ from weekday routines; vacation routines from those at home. 
  2. Additionally, the days and weeks following Madeleine's disappearance were a period of undoubted turmoil in the family's life.  A later bedtime is something Gerry McCann mentions in his blog. 

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