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Rebuttal of "Fact" 12

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12. Gerry McCann claimed that a senior Social Services official had told him: “Your child care was well within the bounds of responsible parenting”. He has never said who that was. 


Verdict - True, but as they have broken no law, where is the issue here?

Source - Gerry McCann's blog, Kate McCann's book, media and TV reports.





Summary of Verifiable Facts


  1. In response to media reports which suggested that they were to be prosecuted for neglect, the McCanns contacted a firm of lawyers.
  2. These lawyers visited them in Portugal, a week after Madeleine's disappearance.
  3. The lawyers assured them that their behaviour and system of checks were well within the bounds of reasonable parenting.
  4. Child listening services are commonplace in European hotels and are not illegal. 
  5. Clarence Mitchell has also stated that whilst they bitterly regret their arrangements, they have broken no laws in any country.
  6. The McCanns initiated contact with Social Services on their return to England.
  7. The McCanns have never been charged with negligence.
  8. The Madeleine Foundation failed in an attempt to bring about a private prosecution for neglect against the McCanns.





It is difficult to see the point in this "fact," as no action has ever been taken against the McCanns for negligence.


From Gerry McCann's blog - Day 80 - 22/07/2007 - Sunday


There is a very upsetting story on the front page of a British National Newspaper today. The headline suggests that Kate and I face prosecution for neglecting our children by dining 50 yards away and checking on them regularly. We know that there has been criticism in some quarters of our actions but at the time, we felt our actions were responsible. We were essentially performing our own baby listening service although we have talked of the guilt we felt at now being there at the moment Madeleine was taken.


We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting and subsequently been assured that no action will be taken. These types of criticism, particularly at this stage, as well as being hurtful are extremely unhelpful in the search for Madeleine. From the moment we discovered Madeleine missing Kate and I have done everything in our power to try and help get her back.


Our opinion now is completely clouded by what has happened to us and of course has sent shock waves through thousands of families. The real issue is that we should not have a constant fear of abduction of our children from their bedrooms, gardens or streets for that matter.


What Kate and I did was at worst naïve and no one should forget that the real criminal is the predator who has taken a completely innocent child in such a premeditated fashion. It is this act that has wreaked havoc on our family and affected millions of other people. 



Kate McCann's book "Madeleine" - Page 124

In her book, Kate describes these legal professionals as a paralegal and barrister from a company called International Family Law Group (IFLG) from Leicester.



Clarence Mitchell being interviewed by SkyNews 

Here he is commenting about the Madeleine Foundation's attempt to bring about a private prosecution against the McCanns for neglect:-


"We will not comment on this, other than to say Kate and Gerry have committed no offence under UK law, indeed any other country's law.

"They regret very much that they were not with Madeleine when she was taken, and are doing everything in their power to find her."





Many hotels and holiday resorts offer "child listening" services which involve a person, often a member of staff, going around at intervals to listen outside rooms and apartments.  The baby-listener does not enter the room or apartment but will report a crying child to a central location who will then contact and notify the parents.  This service is not illegal.  The McCanns describe their own arrangements as similar to this, but with them actually entering the apartments and checking the children.  It is hard to say whether they would have been subjected to as severe criticism had they used a baby-listening service, but in either case, what is clear is that they broke no laws.  There is nothing to be gained from naming any professional individual who has reassured the McCanns on this matter.


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