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Rebuttal of "Fact" 50

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50. The McCanns said late last year that their Fund was running low and that the Fund ‘might run out of money soon’. Yet at the very same time, they were negotiating a multi-million pound book deal.


Verdict - True - but what is the issue here?  Where is the contradiction?

Source - Media articles




Summary of Verifiable Facts

  1. The Madeleine Fund annual accounts for 2009-10 prove that the Fund was running low and was likely to run out within months.
  2. "Negotiations" do not constitute a legally binding contract.  Negotiations can break down.
  3. For reason 2) above, contractual negotiations are usually kept under wraps until the deal is done and both parties have signed.




There is no contradiction to answer.




The real mystery about this "fact" is why the Madeleine McCann Research Group even offer it as a reason to question Kate and Gerry McCanns' version of events in Praia da Luz. 


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