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Pat Brown's Response to Criticism

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Criticism from Both Sides UPDATED!

Pat Brown has received criticism from both sides of the McCann case debate.


She has been criticised for:-

  1. the many contradictions in her theory
  2. the high level of misinformation which she presents
  3. she has also been accused of attempting to make money from the case.  Her reply was that it was necessary to charge for the book in order to give it some level of credibility!  She added that she wanted her profile to come up under the McCann's book in Amazon and that this would not happen if her book weere free.


Criticism from a staunch anti-McCann internet poster on 24th June, 2011:- UPDATED!




I’ve addressed the issue of the Tony’s response to the rebuttal in a previous reply to you.

Regarding Pat Brown. Her recent kindle publication has angered me immensely. One only has to look at the woman’s history to see that she is a complete failure in the realm of criminal profiling, and nothing more than a media whore on the make. I have had information passed to me from someone whom has dealt with her in person over the last month with regards to her so called ‘profile’. It is clear from this information that she put minimal work into the publication. She merely gathered information from a number of sources, didn’t check a damn thing, banged the lot together and bobs your uncle – A profile on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The woman has no integrity, nor has she any understanding or respect for scientific inquiry. One only has to read her tweets, blog and Facebook page to see the total lack of objectivity with respect to the McCann case, and likely many other cases she has profiled. I find it disheartening, and slightly irritating, that many that sit on the so called ‘anti-mccann’ side of the fence have taken to peddling her tripe merely because it as good as confirms that Madeleine is dead and the parents were complicit. What is more, this appears to have been done in the complete absence of consideration of its contents, originality, her ‘get out of all Sh!t’ disclaimer and claims of willingness to do ‘pro bono’ work – what about all the media interviews that would follow thereafter. Suffice to say, those that place faith in Brown’s profile are deluded if they believe it carries any weight, the woman cannot even provide her data!





Response to Questions and Criticism

Pat Brown chooses to ignore questions regarding the contradictions and misinformation:-



When asked directly whether she would respond to matters raised in this rebuttal of her profile, this was her response:-




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