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Challenge to Pat Brown

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Recently, Pat Brown made a comment dismissing this Rebuttal and urging people still to read her ebook:-


Pat Brown's Criticises the Rebuttal



  1. That is contains many misinterpretations of her analyses
  2. That is takes things out of context
  3. That it provides arguments and "evidence" that she does not find credible



Pat Brown is offered a chance to specify where there are inaccuracies in the Rebuttal


On Saturday 19th November 2011, a challenge was issued to Pat Brown via the discussion forums JATYK2 and StopTheMyths.


Here's the challenge. Rather than dismiss the rebuttal using vague arguments such as "out of context", Give us a proper response to the arguments laid out in the rebuttal.

If we've got it wrong, show us. If we are proven to be wrong, the rebuttal will be updated.

I for one have no hesitancy in admitting my errors and putting them right. Pat Brown OTOH, leaves her misinformation on her blog and social networking pages where they will continue to misinform and mislead. If this was a trivial matter, it would be of little consequence, but a missing child is no trivial matter and to knowingly mislead is IMO malicious if not actually criminal.

Go on Pat - you cannot say fairer than that.

This challenge will be posted on the rebuttal site in due course.

I am not on FB. Please would someone pass this message on to Brown? 



Message is relayed to Pat Brown


The message was subsequently relayed to Pat Brown via Twitter and Facebook.   The following was posted on Pat Brown's Facebook page shortly after it was posted on JATYK2 and StopTheMyths:-




Pat Brown's response


A few hours after "Tamsin Smith" relayed the challenge for Pat Brown to elaborate on her criticism of the Rebuttal, it was deleted without comment.




As of Sunday 20th November 2011, Pat Brown has not responded to any of the Twitter messages either.


She continues to urge people to buy her ebook:-


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